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About The Temple
   Niram Kaitha Kotta Temple is situated in Vallikunnu Grama Panchayath at the northern extreme of Malappuram district of Kerala. This is about 20 Kms south of Calicut city.This is an important pilgrim centre of Malabar.
   The Ayyappa temple is thought to be about thousand years of old. The temple is one among the most important Dharma Sastha temple of Malabar region. The Pattulsavam in every Makaram(a month in Kolla varsham ) performs in the premise of this temple with special rituals and ‘Seeveli’.Somany monkeys are living near this temple. The well which provides the holy water (theertham) to the temple also have some special features. The holy water from this well which never dry or overflow is believed that the water is from the holy river Ganges. The water in the well never get sunlight. There is a way to this under ground well from inside the temple for collecting the holy water by the priest. 
   A few many feets higher than this temple the famous Mekkotta Bagavathy Temple situates on the top of the hill. One will feel how the beauty and solitude provides mental relax when stay here for worship.
   The vast area around this temple provides the scope for forestation. The peak of the hill and the river which flows round the hill is a really beautiful sight. The beauty, elegance and the peacefulness of this area has the scope of developing in to a shooting location and a tourist centre.
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